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Is a joint project financed by the European Union in the framework of the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme 2007-2013 under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). The Action is carried out by a partnership formed of 7 countries situated in the Black Sea Basin: The Municipality of Paggaion (Greece) – the applicant, Regional Agency for Cooperation and Development (Bulgaria), Sile Municipality (Turkey), Agigea Commune (Romania), Ciocana District Office (Republic of Moldova), Association of the Graduates of the Academy of Public Administration affiliated to the President’s Office of the Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova), Civil Service Council of the Republic of Armenia (Republic of Armenia), Agency for Cross Border Cooperation Euroregion “Lower Danube” (Ukraine).                     
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Objectives of the project:

The adoption of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) model as the common tool for public entities’ diagnosis and improvement;

The creation of a critical mass of organizations that improved their capacity by implementing the CAF model and they will act as role models in their areas;

The creation of a high level trained transnational group of experts that will facilitate the public organizations to implement the CAF during the project and in the future;

The exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices among partners involved in the Action (cross-border impact);

The achievement of a strong interregional partnership and cooperation by creating a network that will expand the scope of the project;

The wide spread of the results and the public awareness;

The best possible management, coordination and control of the Action for its general and specific objectives to be achieved without problems or delays.

Latest News:

Study Visit in Agigea, Romania

International Conference in Chisinau, Moldova

Study Visit in Odessa, Ukraine

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